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Have you ever wonder what it takes to become the very best domiciliary care worker?

Here are a few examples of what we think it takes to become the very best at domiciliary care.

What is a Domiciliary Carer?

A domiciliary carer is someone who provides care for people who still live at home but require additional support with household tasks, personal care or any other activity that allows them to maintain their independence and quality of life.

At Educare Community, we provide care for anyone at any stage of their life. Being a domiciliary carer is an essential role, working as a domiciliary care worker you will be an essential part of our clients daily routine and the person you are assisting is relying on you to maintain their independence.

There are also domiciliary care workers that work nights offering assistance to clients who require around the clock care.


Nurse and elderly man spending time together — Image by © Jose Luis Pelaez, Inc./Blend Images/Corbis

What it takes to become a Domiciliary Care Worker.

Not everyone has the abilities to work in the care industry, working in domiciliary care can be an amazing and fulfilling experience, however, if you are not the right type of person, it can be a very overwhelming experience and at times a bit heartbreaking.

Here is our list on what we think makes a great Domiciliary Care Worker.

  • Being a caring individual – Having a little kindness goes such a long way, especially when you are looking after our clients, and it is often greatly appreciated by patients when you are able to have a little step and a smile when visiting our clients.


  • Loving your job – Loving your job and being proud you’re caring for people is a big must for both yourself and our clients, being able to go above and beyond for the patients and having outstanding effort is a prime example of what it takes to be an amazing Homecare assistant.


  •  Having Good communication skills – Being able to communicate in a clear way with both staff and client is essential aspects when working in domiciliary care. Having the abilities to easily strike up a conversation with all types of different clients, and to have the ability to listen to them and respond in an according manner is truly a great skill to have when becoming a Domiciliary Care Worker.


  • Patience – Being able to exercise the practice of being patient and understanding is a key skill to have when working in care. Dealing with service users with diminished capabilities can sometimes be frustrating, having the art of patience can be very helpful when caring for patients that may be slower at moving about or explaining what they need.


  • Responsibility – Being a carer, you often have many responsibilities when looking after service users. Having the ability to take the responsibilities in your stride and never underestimate the importance of your work is truly a great skill to have when becoming a Homecare assistant.


Do you feel you have what it takes to work in care? Does this sound like you?

Then why not apply today!